DISC Assessment   
Behavioral Profiles
Kids, Students, and Adults

We assess individual behavioral tendencies and how different styles impact learning, relationships, and team dynamics. Self-knowledge is the key to understanding others. We improve relationships through effective communication so that conflict and drama are minimized.


  • KID DISC: 9 to 12 year olds

  • STUDENT DISC: Middle & High School w/career component

  • ADULT DISC: Ages 18+



Conflict Profile

We assess individual strengths and identify the key areas of needed growth to improve the way they communicate in the midst of  conflict. This allows us to hold each other accountable to be our best - minimizing stress and conflict while enhancing individual and team performance. Growth is essential for sustainable leadership success.


DISC Leadership Profile

We assess how well an individual adapts to the communication style of others and utilizes their unique strengths to lead in any given situation. We coach leaders to exhibit the strength of each

style in the right moment. We equips leaders with the ability to operate more consciously, intentionally, and move effortlessly through work and life.