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Listening: Who Have You Helped This Week?

We learn by listening – If we listen: A door for our future career just might open, we help others solve their problems, we walk away wiser, and we build connections…just to name a few. Meaningful communication is the foundation to build a meaningful life.

Trust Listeners are trusted more than those who constantly overtake the other person’s conversation. We describe it as “grabbing the talking stick” barging straight into chatter which intensely frustrates the one who came to you to talk. Trust is an essential ingredient, the glue, for changing the minds of others when needed, enriching their lives with possibilities, and increasing their confidence to solve their own problems. Listening is a critical life skill.

Credibility (Believability, Trustworthiness) If we listen FIRST to others and refrain from sounding off, our credibility with the talker and others goes up. If we listen more than we speak, we are perceived as competent, capable and willing to work WITH others rather than against them. Effective leaders are skilled at listening and good listeners are seen as potentially good leaders. Read that last sentence one more time. YOU have the potential to become a good leader if you are a good listener!

Support Listening is the most helpful thing you can do for a person when they are upset or concerned with something. Listening demonstrates respect and empathy. By listening, we send the message ‘You are important to me. I respect you. You are not alone.’ Listening boosts the person’s sense of identity. Listening allows the other person to process their thoughts while speaking. If given the time, the person is likely to solve their own problem. This cultivates the other person’s self-confidence and belief they can solver their own problems.

Goals and Learning Listening not only builds trust, it enables us to achieve our personal goals. The act of listening empowers the learning process. Without learning, we cannot achieve our goals, hopes, and dreams. Knowing WHEN to listen helps us to position ourselves to learn more with every opportunity. Listen more than you speak, ask for clarification when necessary, and learn – sometimes to learn what TO DO but also, what NOT to do.

Connection If we listen to other people, they are more likely to listen to us. When a person comes to us with a problem or concern, it is our choice to HEAR them. It provides us with the opportunity to elevate our human connection. Listening prepares us to climb into the situation, the black hole they are in, right beside them. We relate to their emotion and display that we understand how they feel. We grant them the grace and space to be, see, and feel what they do in the moment. Our empathy drives connection.

Empthatic Listening from the movie Inside Out 2015

Listen. Be A Leader. Help Someone Who Needs Help. Touch Someone’s Life.

What are you doing today to become the best listener and leader you desire to be?

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