Engaging the Head, Heart, and Hands of Students!

As I launch into the coming school year, my goal is to help districts reduce student isolation and conflict by creating circles of safety, growing student leaders, and radiating a culture of belonging, civility, and service. My aim is to inspire more district leaders to leverage the most abundant resource they have – STUDENTS.

Why not fish upstream and involve students in leading the desired culture? I’ve lived through and taught a multiplicity of models, programs, and techniques that place all responsibility on the adults. When students learn tools they know are trustworthy and are difference makers, they implement/use without hesitation – not exactly the case with us (adults). We prefer to practice…and practice…and practice…delaying momentum and the possibility for rapid improvement. How do I know…I am one of the adults. It’s one reason change for the better is often slow.

I’m deeply inspired by districts who desire to teach students and teachers side-by-side. And there are many out there who are choosing this path. Having done this, experienced the group chemistry, and observed the amazing results, I am energized and driven to share our journey with any who will listen.

Great things happen when we elevate the human spirit by engaging the heart, the  head, and the hands of the willing. All things are possible if we believe!

Note: Graphic from Chief Learning Officer magazine at www.clomedia.com.  Subscribe to their amazing leadership magazine.

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