Flip the Equation and Leverage Better Results

LeadR4Life: Leverage Your Most Abundant Clientele

Before LeadR4Life, who held the responsibility for elevating student performance, improving culture, reducing at-risk behavior, and minimizing daily drama?  Staff…Adults…Teachers.

Isn’t it time to flip this equation?

What if you could achieve the following as a result of a two-day LeadR4Life student learning session? Students do not require substitute teacher costs. They outnumber staff 10 to 1. Why not leverage your most abundant clientele (STUDENTS) to produce incredible changes “all on their own”.

LeadR4Life Students…

1. Learn and use their skills faster than adult counterparts. 2. Apply what they learn with minimal coaching. 3. Intuitively use their skills in all areas of life. 4. Fix their relationship gaps; student to…teacher, academic content, another student, family member. 5. Gain immense maturity by deeply understanding people and how to reduce the “stress” of life. 6. Choose to look up, lean in, listen, and lead, despite our culture of digital devices. 7. Reduce high-risk behavior by choice. 8. Increase their capacity to make confident decisions in all areas of life. 9. Vision their future: careers, relationships, and successes.

As the student population increases their unconventional “out of the box” characteristics, we should identify the disconnect between a conventional curriculum, state assessment, and instructional practice. We need to embrace this “shift” meeting today’s learners where they are. Providing a learning experience to awaken student leadership capacity, teach how voice and presence impact communication, and recognize all people are uniquely created, delivers palpable results. Students create the desired change because they’re empowered and trusted to be a part of the equation. Relationships of mutual respect and effective communication skills must take priority for safety and civility to prevail.

As educators, we’ve forever used the adults to level the playing field of student performance and culture. It’s time to flip the equation and invite students into the potential of their leadership…all students, the ones at the top, the invisible middle, and those on the cusp of failing…Awaken the leader within and watch the fruit of their actions take bloom.

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