Give them a pencil…Every Time ❤️ !

LOVE ❤ the article, “Give the Kid a Pencil” by Chad Donahue, reminding us as educators to extend grace and kindness to our students. EVERY DAY. EVERY TIME.

We have no idea what students are dealing with in their lives outside of our classroom and campus.

Be the light that elevates students’ hearts and minds…let them walk away from you saying, “I’ve never had a better, kinder teacher. I learned so much in this class.”

Be the example. The game changer in their lives. Elevate their spirit in a way that propels them to be fully present in your class with the desire to be there!

Dont expect them to have the skills of civility that you possess. Demonstrate it for them. Be a stable voice of empathy. Yet, the strength of discipline enveloped in love. Teach them. Reach them. Expect great things from them….not because you say it “at them”, but instead because you BEHAVE IT in front of them…consistently!

I’ll be praying for all the KID WARRIORS out there as the new school year begins. May your inspiration of grace and humility be the infectious  “magic sauce” for your fellow colleagues in your circle of influence.

Don’t ever forget…“That was me, a student, not so long ago. Which teachers showed up for me with grace and humility – creating a sphere of safety for all us kids?”

Every human being, no matter their age, wants to connect. Belong. Be heard. Feel they matter, are safe, and worthy.  Let the TRUST begin with you!

Blessings “O Great Kid Warriors” for the 2018-2019 school year!


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