Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

Create a sense of belonging in your classroom.  Give students the opportunity to move during the process of learning.  Provide them opportunities for socialization.  Each of these can be addressed within the content and skills you are focused on teaching.  Remember, the one doing the talking is the one learning.  Keep the oxygen flowing to their brains through movement and the discussion of ideas and thoughts between students.

Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

Repeat to self, “If a student believes I don’t like them, they will not learn from me.” Relationships of mutual respect are critical to the classroom and the campus.  Be the example students need to see.

The best of what most students see in the world is seen in their school and in the classrooms of compassionate teachers.  Kids often seek love and acceptance through behavior that is unattractive and sometimes ugly.  Love them anyway. You can be the reason for a student’s desire to come to school.

Know your students…who they are…what they love…beyond the walls of the classroom.  Meet them where they are.  Be the key that unlocks the door to their joy of learning. Make it fun.  And if you dare…teach a concept through these four magical perspectives that always served me well – edible, gross, an element of mystery/danger, humor.  If you need further instructions, let me know.

Never underestimate the strength of your SUPER POWERS!  We all have them.  Use your super powers for the good.  Make students feel good about being in your classroom. Infect your students with your positive mood and see how it improves cooperation, decreases conflict, and increases performance.

Make this an unforgettable year for your students and you!

Check out The Classroom Key  and learn how desk arrangement is critical to belonging. Straight rows are for “TEST” day only. Every student should feel included!

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