Leading Intentional Culture and High-Performance Teams

Intentional workplace culture and the development of high-performance teams are doable if the process is not overly complicated. Success is inevitable when strategy is executed through PEOPLE. Leaders who embrace the people factor before numbers experience a workforce who understand their value and contributions to the organization’s purpose.

It is essential to have a key translator who can interpret the big picture priorities and lead the engagement of the hearts, heads, and hands of employees. If every operational level of the company understands how they contribute to the purpose, vision, and priorities,  a deeper sense of purpose is realized. This turns the momentum of the flywheel while preserving the core and stimulating progress. With intentional action, staff realize they are the #1 factor in sustained success. Staff understanding the goals and their role in contributing to the achievement of them is one-half of the equation for success.

Mobilizing teams toward action is most productive in a culture of mutual respect. If cultivated and fostered at every level, a human factor bond results that fuels teams and performance. Trained staff with the skills to read a person’s behavioral tendencies right the first time and knowing how best to interact, increases engagement and trust. How would this kind of insight impact daily actions/interactions in both internal and external environments?


We are uniquely created with 4 of the finest behavioral wires that define how we prefer to communicate, perform tasks, and make decisions. Understanding and interacting based on these unique differences fuels human connection.

Develop the PEOPLE system to execute strategic priorities, minimize people costs, and build trust currency.

  1. Translate the vision and intentional culture so staff sees “What’s in it for me?”

  2. Teach staff the skills to make quick behavioral reads to enhance interactions with others.

  3. Plan feedback huddles and ask, “Are we falling short of our purpose? How?”

  4. Determine quick wins.

  5. Cultivate leaders who know how to innovate with discipline between the lines.

  6. Create a system to recognition and celebrate individuals/teams who go “above & beyond” the leadership traits deemed non-negotiable.

Win over your teams and they’ll win over your clients….everybody matters. How we make others feel about themselves says everything about who you are as leader.

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