Reading Behavioral Tendencies

Friday Friendly Fact

We are uniquely created!

Each person possesses different behavioral tendencies of how they prefer to communicate, perform tasks, and make decisions. Realize this truth is a valuable key to positive interactions, relationships, negotiations…

Here’s the Golden Rule –

“Treat others how they need to be treated NOT how I need to be treated.” (From Taking Flight by Merrick Rosenberg & Daniel Silvert)

Learning to read a person’s behavioral tendencies in seconds to elevate your interaction helps to eliminates miscommunication, misunderstanding, wasted time and energy. When you try to understand what makes an individual tick, you magnify your chances of interacting with them more effectively.  It is worth learning the “how to do it” to impact all facets of your life  and someone else’s – family, work, community, world.

Shine your light and elevate the human spirit…igniting potential to use one’s gifts to serve the world.

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