Safe and Civil Leadership: Acceptance – We All Want It

Every human, no matter age or station in life, wants and needs acceptance.  As you go about life, be mindful of others with whom you cross paths. It may take 1 minute of your time, even less, to possibly change a life.

My work focuses on teens during the middle and high school years.  I strive to inspire the adults in their lives to be the “living” example of consistent grace and compassion.  The kids we serve aren’t all fortunate to live in supportive homes.  So, it becomes our responsibility to make their school home spectacular. Yes, OUR RESPONSIBILITY. It’s accomplished when mutual respect, relationships of trust, discipline with love, and listening ears are expected from everyone.  Struggling students, regardless of the reason for their struggle, need someone to hear them.  Be that someone who takes the time, remains silent, and hears clearly the student’s truth as they speak it.  It’s a wonderful act of acceptance and cultivates trust.

Our kids are growing up in a very different world.  They need leaders, mentors, and coaches, to teach them courage building skills to become effective communicators, listeners, and self-regulators. We must create the same picture in their heads as we see it.  Words are never sufficient enough to create an identical picture from one head to another. The picture is created through actions, behaviors, consistent feedback, and validation…for an extended period of time.

So what’s all this babble about…we ask people to “do” and “follow” this or that but never make certain we are working from the same picture in the same way.  Ask  yourself, “Did we consistently communicate, physically model, give timely feedback, and validate the expected behaviors to ensure we are all on the same page?” And we wonder why goals aren’t met, specific task don’t get done, morale and investment is lack-luster, and achievement remains elusive.  Ask, “What commitment of time, extensive communication, and specific actions have we invested to make certain all are supporting the same? Don’t expect behavior change in adults or students without these key investments.

In this brief video, BELIEVE, the message is clear…people need people. And sometimes it requires behavior change. Join me in helping our kids know what safe, civil behavior and acceptance looks like. Let’s bridge the head and heart so that each knows they matter and so does everyone else. Then, step back and watch a people-first culture evolve.  This will propel academic achievement, assist in slaying the state assessment, foster positive behavior, and inspire joyful teaching and learning.

Be that someone who changes a life…through a smile, nod of the head, an audible hello,the extension of your hand, or a simple “can I help you” followed with ears to hear (not mouth to speak).

Merry Christmas and may you be blessed for making someone else realize how much they matter.

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