Safety, Civility, and Service: I Am The Message!

Leadership Speaks, in partnership with Bob Chapman and Our Community Listens , flips the professional development equation in LeadR4Life: I Am The Message! by leveraging the school’s most abundant resource…STUDENTS!

LeadR4Life: I Am The Message! provides a 3-day learning experience for students to develop the skills to lead an intentional culture of safety, civility, and service. We bridge the head and heart to cultivate a “people-first” leadership style, or Truly Human Leadership style, among today’s campus leaders who’ll become tomorrow’s world leaders.

Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Bob Chapman, has championed the transformation of his company‘s culture into one focused on bringing out the best in its people through communication, trust, celebration, respect, continuous improvement and responsible freedom.

Bob launched the BW Leadership Institute and Our Community Listens (OCL), in hopes that Truly Human Leadership becomes a reality in other organizations. He travels the globe sharing his message about the power of this kind of leadership. He believes businesses, organizations, and SCHOOLS can become the most positive influence on our society by providing caring, empowering, fulfilling work.

“Our mission is to bring out the best in students and staff,” says Cynthia Bayuk-Bishop. “We strive to create a better world one student, one leader, one school at a time.” 

Join us on our quest to elevate students as our future leaders!

LeadR4Life: I Am The Message!

  1. Communication Skills Training for Students and Teachers (side-by-side)

  2. Real-World Role Play & Scenarios

  3. Interactive Technology for Skill Development

  4. Hands-on, Minds-on Instruction

  5. Collaborative Teamwork

  6. Journaling for Continuous Learning

  7. Effective Confrontation

  8. Teacher Playbook for Sustained Support

A description of the 5 training modules can be found at Leadership Speaks.

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