Save Our Kids…Do Something Great!

Random school shootings….in the United States of America…what must we do to protect our kids? Can it be stopped? Are we too far gone? Will our children ever be safe again?

Who’s responsible.. accountable…Who’s going to step forward to help?

I am accountable. YOU are accountable. We are all accountable. If we aren’t, we will never fix this. It’s time for all of us to show up for our kids.

Step inside the life of another…the life that has been shattered…the life of the one who committed the shattering? How did it come to this? Think on that a while.

Dig deeply. Read. Learn the warning signs, the signals, the observable behaviors that sound off an alarm…What’s holding us back from educating ourselves to understand this behavior? Why aren’t we sprinting toward solutions to keep it from happening again? We can help save future kids.

Kind of like the voting process…how many citizens leave it to someone else…don’t vote but point fingers…cast blame – the mindset of “it’s the responsibility of somebody else”. WRONG. And, don’t blame our schools!

Our elected officials have made our schools responsible for everything the family unit no longer provides while cutting funding beyond what is defensible in my state. Try to enter a federal building of any kind…you are searched head to toe while passing through metal detectors that x-ray your body. Our elected officials are safe, why not our kids? Let that sink in.

Circle your community wagons…End student isolation, bullying, the ridiculing of a human being to the point of contemplating suicide. VOLUNTEER to be a “protector” for a student who is missing this essential human connection. Be there for a kid in school when a life event happens…not to fix it…but to listen and simply be present. EVERY kid deserves to know they are worthy of a champion in their corner. How different would a kid’s world be if some of us could extend this small act of care?

Put your cell phone in your pocket. Teach our kids to LOOK UP – be the example of how you look people in the eye to let them know they matter. Get involved. VOLUNTEER to be of help at your local school. Make a difference for someone else. Serve. You are NEEDED!

If you choose to do nothing…then SAY nothing. Cast no blame. Find no fault. Point not one finger. This is far too big a giant not to involve every one of us. Be that one!

And pray.

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