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We're on a mission to have as many people feeling worthy, safe and seen to serve and create.

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Cynthia Bayuk-Bishop

Cynthia has led the design and deployment of professional training, academic learning programs, and curriculum delivery systems. She is on a mission to create thriving people who communicate effectively, embrace the power of listening as a discrete skill, and recognize confrontation as a positive - an act of human respect.  

As a certified DISC facilitator, leadership coach, seasoned speaker and trainer, Cynthia excels at developing high performing individuals, teams, and organizations where safety, civility, and belonging are the expected norm.

She emphatically believes "A leader lies within you. It's your choice to accept the responsibility. Leadership requires no title - - - just a relentless will enveloped in empathy and humility to serve others.”


Wes Kirkham 

Wes has leadership experience as a campus principal and as a district level executive director of Instructional Services. His professional and community leadership experience enables him to encourage and coach other aspiring leaders - adults and youth. As a consultant and accomplished presenter, Wes has a passion for helping others grow professionally. He believes that leaders must understand that success depends on meeting the needs of others and acquiring key relationship building skills. Wes's ability to connect with, teach and coach every age range is remarkable. His ability to open minds to different perspectives and "crack the toughest nut" is his gift. His goal is to use his personal and professional experiences to unleash the leadship potential in others.